WBO adds mobile advertising to its ongoing campaign in New York City

The WBO ran a mobile advertising campaign in New York City adding to its ongoing Taxi campaign in the city.

Mobile billboards carrying slogans “#FreeBalochistan from human rights abuses” and ” Raise your voice against human rights abuses in #Balochistan by Pakistan Army” circled prominent locations in the City including the consulates of Pakistan and China.

The ads also read ” No to CPEC, the China-Pakistan project that aims to loot and plunder Balochistan”

The campaign’s goal is to raise awareness among the American public about the ethnic persecution and gross human rights violations in Pakistan-occupied Balochistan and support the Baloch people’s quest for peace and freedom

The WBO earlier in the week launched its New York campaign with 100 taxis carrying similar slogans.  The New York campaign will run for a month during which the WBO will continue to apply different methods of campaigning to highlight the dire situation in Balochistan.

Watch the latest video of our mobile awareness campaign in NYC: